Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remember When? Class of '70.

. Mr. Bonifas had his knee operation - and the boys had Mr. Mosier for health
. We had to line up in the hall for a tornado drill
. Mark Imm was asked a question in Latin class and he answered - I don't know and I don't care
. The awards were here on Awards Day
. Bruce Fritch used to play "House" with the girls
. Bill Lutterbein used to wear Flourescent Bright Orange and Bright Green socks to school
. Alberta Badman was on crutches in the 5th grade
. Sue Schlachter was a spelling bee winner
. All the girls were in love with Mr. Weirwille
. Cathy Hill wore her slip to school in the 2nd grade
. Debbie Rupp followed Mike North around in the 2nd grade
. Randy Warner cried on the first day of school because he wanted to be in Mrs. Richards room
. Kathy Harter was a pen pal to Caroline Kennedy
. Jackie Koch almost got her bangs cut by Miss Barnes because they were too long
. Nancy Wirth, Cindy Richards and Cynde Poole didn't pass notes in Government
. Girls chased Mike Herman instead of the other way around
. Chris Sholl and Chris Herman were tomboys
. Michele and Karen didn't like to go to Bryan
. Dawne Johnson went with Denny then Ed, then Ric, then Ed, then Denny, then Ed ...
. All the girls wished Don Stark and Larry Yoh were 5 inches taller - and still do
. Mike Armitage wore a white sailor suit in the 4th grade
. Susan Stark's nickname was "Grubby" then "maggot"
. Roal Shepler had a crew cut
. Dave Whitman was a chubby little kid
. All the girls thought that Aaron Nason was the coolest guy around
. Steve Lundy didn't go with Margie Everetts
. Earlene Beindorf was the smallest kid in our class and still is
. Bruce Fritch and Lynne Hall could be seen without each other
. Laurie Strup took accordian lessons
. Kathy Dietsch read horse books
. Roxanne Hughart discovered Butler
. Kathy Blinzler was scared of the nuns
. Craig Viers was shy
. JoAnn went steady with Kevin Lirot
. Kathy Johnson went steady with Chuck Herman
. Lorraine Hamman told Alonzo that her grandfather died
. Kathy Krill would kiss Tom Herrington behind the old tree on the playground
. Bruce Fritch and John Nihart played with flash cards in the hall

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